Journal Volume 7 2013

Belle View (continued/2)


In the mansion of Belle View there is nothing to attract the attention of the traveller, if we except a very neat and tastefully appointed chapel, and one or two pieces of stained glass.


'Belle View' House

'Belle View' House

From the terrace, in front of the house, there is an extensive sea view, and a distinct and pleasing prospect of the numerous gentlemen’s seats around, Downs Lodge, Tinny-park, Woodstock, Mount Kennedy, &c. The soil of the lawn and demesne, now very productive, was, about fifty years ago, overrun with rocks and furze and marsh, and have been reclaimed and improved, as they now are, at the great pains and expense of their active and energetic proprietors. The lands are so much above the level of the sea, that it must have appeared questionable, at first, to what degree of perfection their improvement could ultimately be carried; but the experiment has been attended with the most complete success, and has established the fact, that lands in so elevated a situation will amply repay the expense of cultivation.

It must here be observed, that such an attempt should never be made without first insuring shelter from the cold winds by extensive plantation, as was done at Belle View.


'Belle View' Conservatory

The conservatory at ‘Belle View’

Behind the mansion-house is the conservatory, an object of much attraction to visiters. From Mrs. La Touche’s dressing-room, with a bathing-room adjoining, a conservatory extends two hundred and sixty-four feet in length, furnished with some of the rarest exotics, and supplied with the choicest fruits in all seasons. For the design and execution of this very beautiful and ingenious piece of workmanship, the owner is indebted to Mr. Shanley, who was several years employed in the undertaking; the expense is estimated at four thousand pounds and upwards. There are two very elegant gardens in front of the conservatory, and near them is an extensive kitchen-garden on the declivity of the hill.

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