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 The Irish Times, 17 October 1892


I appeal to the residents, visitors to this summer resort, and the public generally, on behalf of the poor widows and orphans of John Doyle, coxswain, Greystones lifeboat, and William Doyle who, with his eldest son Herbert, lost their lives yesterday off Greystones Pier, whilst assisting to save the schooner Mersey from being wrecked during the fearful easterly gale. They were washed off the pier by a tremendous wave and drowned instantaneously in the sight of many people, none of whom could render the slightest assistance.

Their means of support depended almost entirely on the precarious calling of fishing. John and William Doyle leave widows and two large families, numbering six and seven respectively, of quite young children, who are entirely unprovided for. I am sure I will not appeal in vain through your medium in asking aid for these unfortunate families. It is the saddest accident that has occurred here for many years.

The following gentlemen have agreed to act as a committee with me for this good object, and any subscriptions sent to them or to myself will be thankfully received: - David R. Pigot, Esq., Thornbank, Greystones; R. Cathcart Dobbs, Esq., Knockdolian, Greystones; J. G. McEntagart, Esq., The Beach, Greystones.


Yours, &c.

Arthur Hughes, St David’s, Greystones.

15 October [1892]


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