Journal Volume 3 2000

They Answered the Call (continued/7)

Acknowledgements and Sources

In compiling this paper I wish to thank the following for their assistance -

    • Ms Joan Egan, St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland, Lumsden House, Dublin.
    • Ms Margaret Fogarty, St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland, Lumsden House, Dublin
    • Comdt. V. Laing, Military Archives , Dublin.
    • Mr Gerry Maher, LLB (Hons) DLIS, formerly CountyLibrarian, Wicklow County Council
    • The late Comdt. R. J. Smyth, FCA (retired), Shankill, formerly on the staff of the Bray District Command Local Defence Force 1941 - 1946
    • The Late Comdt. Peter Young, Director, Military Archives, Dublin.
    • District Officer C.W. Chesson , The St. John Ambulance Brigade in Ireland , in The Call to Arms , Dublin , 1945
    • John P. Duggan , A History of the Irish Army , Dublin, 1992
    • Robert Fisk , In Time of War - Ireland, Ulster and the Price of Neutrality,London,1983
    • The Irish Sword Nos 75 & 76 published by the Military History Society of Ireland.
    • Kevin V. Nolan & T. Desmond Williams , Ireland in the War Years and After 1939-51, Dublin 1969
    • The St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland - A Voluntary Organisation - information leaflet published by the St. John Ambulance Brigade
    • A.J.P. Taylor, (Ed), History of World War 1, London, 1988
    • Wicklow County Council Minutes
    • The Wicklow People


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