Journal Volume 1 1992

Editor's Foreword

This is the first publication of the G.A.H.S. and as such joins a large number of similar publications from societies throughout the country that have contributed greatly over many decades to the rich storehouse of published material recording local history and archaeology.

With the continuing urbanisation of the area progressing at an alarming rate, many archaeological sites fall prey to development and are lost to scientific investigation. This loss of non-renewable assets will result in a future cultural impoverishment, and it was because of the perceived threat to our local archaeological and historical heritage that this society was formed.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the help and assistance of The Greystones Town Commissioners for providing the venue and liquid refreshments for the launch, Industrial Print Ltd., Bray, for allowing us to use their copying machinery, and the members of the Society for their support over the last three years.

Patrick Neary


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