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The Society was established in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland in 1988 and has been very active since this time. Although the Society’s main objective is to actively promote interest in, and awareness of, the North Wicklow historical and archaeological heritage, we do not unduly limit our interests to the locale where we are based. Thus our activities are fairly broad in scope, as can be seen from the Society’s past activities.

The Society normally organises a talk or lecture in Greystones every month from October to March, an extended visit (3 days or so) to an area in Ireland of historical interest in April, and one day trips (usually on a Sunday) in the months of May, June, July and September. Click on activities to find out what the Society is planning to do and on events to find out details of external happenings that we support.

The Society publishes, in paper form, an occasional Journal that collects together historical and archaeological articles of local and of wider interest, often based on talks presented to meetings of the Society. To date we have completed nine such Journals and these are now accessible online. To view them, click on journals. Our latest Journal, Volume 9, is also available in paper form. For more details and information on how to obtain a copy, and for details of other books of interest, click on publications. Useful links to other websites with historical and archaeological information are accessible via sources. And photographs of the Society's activities and other material published by members or of general interest to the Society can be accessed at miscellaneous.

If you wish to find out more about Greystones, and enjoy a leisurely walk, have a look at the Trails of Greystones.

Joining the Society is easy. Click on contact us, send your details and we will be in touch with you.