Journal Volume 2 1995

The Kerry Experience (continued/2)

There too we also read the sad stories of the poor who left Ireland from Blennerville for the new worlds and so often did not arrive.

Later we braved the driving rain to visit Ardfert Cathedral and Friary. Although most of it is closed to visitors our guide Gerry O'Leary brought it and the Friary a short distance away alive for us. As Gerry told it these long gone people are just around the corner and we wouldn't have been too surprised to meet them on our travels. We drove and looked at the sea but gave Banna strand a miss as the cosy delights of our Killarney base beckoned.

All too soon it was Sunday and time to go but we had lots to see yet before we returned home.

We were off to Crag Cave in Castleisland and it is one of the wonders of Ireland and even more so when we heard that all the development work was done by the family on whose land it was discovered, with no public funding.

Crag Cave (

Father O'Shea, brother of Greystones based Brendan O'Shea, led us there where Margaret Greany made us welcome and provided coffee. Vincent a member of the family led us on an enthralling tour.

Our final visit was to John's Castle in Limerick where once again it has been realised what a heritage we have neglected over the years. Work is ongoing here with interpretation of the life of a 13th century castle. Pre-Norman houses have been excavated and there is the usual audio visual show. When work is completed in some years it will be well worth another visit.

Siege Engine, John's Castle

And so our lovely few days came to an end. Aileen is already investigating where we will go in 1995. She says we are one of the few societies that have such an away trip. Poor things don't know what they are missing.

A comfort stop

Leaving the Tour Bus


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