Journal Volume 2 1995

The Old Corn Mill, Killincarrig (continued/2)

The ground floor contained the main mill gearing supported by a heavy timber frame. A chain sack hoist transports incoming grain to the upper storage floors. The newly ground grain is gathered into chutes from the grinding stones overhead. The first floor contains the mill stones operated from the main gearing below via spur and pinion wheels.


Cutaway Mill (JWHS)


The second floor contains the hoppers that feed the mill stones.

The upper floors are for storage, they being better ventilated and further removed from rodents.

South of the mill - towards Kilcoole - where the ground is now heavily overgrown was located a specially constructed mill pond where the incoming water was controlled and directed towards the mill wheel. The water feeding this pond came from a diversion of Three Trout’s River. The path-way that is now the right of way from Three Trout's Bridge (Bridge House) to the road at Millbrook Nurseries runs alongside this watercourse and may have been built as a dyke to contain the water. Having passed through the water wheel eastward the water passed through two arches five metres long approx by two metre wide. These are still in apparently good condition. Refuse is now dumped in the briar-covered path of this once vibrant stream.

The mill is not 'listed' as being of a relatively recent date it does not qualify. It is now seen by the Council as a financial burden. Its future is uncertain.

[Note added later: it is now in private ownership.]


I wish to thank Mr Joe Hayes for his assistance in facilitating research at the County Library, Greystones and Dr Justin O'Sullivan, Author and Curator of the Agricultural Museum, Johnstown Castle, Wexford.

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