Journal Volume 2 1995

Dendrochronological Report on a Sample from Newcastle Upper, County Wicklow

By David Brown

An oak wood sample from a horizontal mill was received by the palaeocology Centre on the 8 November 1993. The sample's reference number is Q8825.

When measured the sample yielded 97 annual growth rings. The centre of the tree was not present in the sample. No sapwood or heartwood/sapwood boundary was present on the sample. The tree-ring pattern obtained was compared against the standard Irish chronology. A highly significant correlation value (t = 6.69) was found giving an end year date of AD712. The best estimated felling date range of the tree will be AD 712 +/- 9 years to the end date.

It is likely that the tree used in the construction of the mill was felled sometime in the mid to late 8th century. The lack of sapwood makes its impossible to give a more precise felling date.

(As presented in an unpublished letter to Mr.Michael J. Moore, Office of Pubic Works. 51 .St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, 14 December, 1993)


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