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Greystones: not on the map

The Post Chaise Companion, William Wilson, 1786


The following extract is from an early traveller’s guide. While it mentions several place names still current in the vicinity, no reference is made to Greystones itself, which was still nothing more than an insignificant fishermen’s settlement close to the ancient site of Rathdown. However, later authors such as Robert Fraser, Rev G N Wright and Samuel Lewis (all represented in this collection), draw attention to the possibilities for development of the area’s resources, to its scenic attractions, and to the innovations introduced by improving landlords, most notably the energetic and philanthropic La Touche family of Bellevue.  

Two miles and three quarters from Bray, on the L. is Rathdown, the seat of Captain Tarrant; and nearly opposite to it, at the distance of about half a mile is Templecarrick, the seat of Colonel Rawson.

Three miles and a half beyond Bray is Killinacarrick, a small village; and half a mile beyond it, on the R. is Kindlestown, the seat of Mr. Bunn; and near it, that of Mr. Wilson. There is a road that leads from this to Delgenny, on the R.

A mile beyond Kindlestown, on the L. close to the road, is Charles-land, the seat of Mr. Edwards; and a quarter of a mile, on the R. is that of Mr. Fitzwilliam.

 Half a mile from Mr. Fitzwilliam’s seat, on the L. is Ballygannon, the seat of Sir Hopton Scott; and half a mile further, on the same side, near Kilcool, is Retreat, that of Mr Brass.

At Kilcool are an inn and the ruins of a church.


Taylor Skinner Large


Above is a map, from A New & Accurate Map of the Kingdom of Ireland, Taylor & Skinner, 1778, which, on the right hand side, shows the area discussed in the text. Although the reproduction is not very clear; what can be seen is that Greystones is not considered important enough to rate a mention.


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