Journal Volume 7 2013

The genuine trial of Hugh Woolaghan, yeoman … on Saturday, October 13, 1798, for the murder of Thomas Dogherty (Dublin, 1798) (continued/4)

Ipswich Journal, 27 October 1798


Saturday last the Court-martial met … As soon as the Court sat he Small Cornwallis[General Craig] informed the Judge Advocate, that he had a letter to deliver to the Court by the command of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant [Charles Cornwallis], which it was his Excellency’s pleasure should be read publicly. He then presented the letter, which … was as follows: I am directed by his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant to inform the President and Members of the Court Martial who sat on Saturday last, on the trial of Hugh Woolaghan, a yeoman, that his Excellency highly disapproves of their conduct in acquitting the said Woolaghan, who was fully proved to have been guilty of a most cruel and deliberate murder. I am also to inform the Court, that it is his Excellency’s pleasure they should be immediately dissolved. His Excellency has declared, that Hugh Woolaghan shall be for ever incapable of serving in any corps of yeomanry, Militia, or regulars in his Majesty’s service; and directs, that a new Court-Martial shall be summoned for the trial of such persons as yet remain to be tried. It is his Excellency’s pleasure that no person who sat on the trial of Woolaghan shall be summoned on the new Court-Martial.


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