Journal Volume 7 2013

Disagreement at Greystones Station (continued/1)


Mr Meldon put in to Evans that the reason he was assaulted was that he did not let the ladies go and take their cars (i.e. the Gormans) to which Evans said that the ladies did not want to take their cars because they were expecting a private one. In reply to further questions Evans said that he was on good terms with the brothers but had not been speaking to them for some time. Mr Meldon asked if this was the result of a quarrel to which Evans said ‘No’ and said that the last time he was speaking to one of them was when he got him with his horse’s leg over the shaft of his car and that he got down and cleared him.

Cross examined by Richard German, Evans was asked ‘Did you not go down to try and break up my car at the Railway Hotel?’ and when he gave a smart answer of ‘Oh sure, I did not see your car at all’ was told by Devaynes Smyth to answer his question as his last reply was not an answer to the question put to him and he then asked him ‘Did you try and break up his car’ to which Evans replied ‘I did not.’


  R Gorman: Did you not take a wrench and assault me with it?
  Evans: When your brother tried to pull me down.


Once again Devaynes Smyth was not impressed with the tone of this answer and told Evans not to make a speech and to answer the question.


  Smyth: Did you assault him with it (i.e. the wrench) ?
  Evans: I did not. I did not strike him with it.
  R Gorman: Did you use bad language?
  Evans: No. I do not use bad language. I am not given to that my friend.


This last remark led to an outburst of laughter in the court.

Devaynes Smyth then asked Evans if he had any other witnesses who could confirm that he had been assaulted and specifically was there anyone who had been present at that time. Evans replied that a large number of people had seen the assault by Gorman and that he did not take any particular notice of them. Devaynes Smyth than asked Evans where had the incident happened and in reply was told that it was on the road opposite Mr McFarland’s door as near as could be.


  Meldon: Did the incident happen outside the railway station?
  Evans: It did. I was going to inform Lady Ball Greene that Dr. Williamson had not arrived on the train and to find out if I was to wait for the next one to arrive.
  Meldon: When did the Gormans leave the station – before or after you?
  Evans: After I had left the station.
  Meldon: How far away from the station was the incident site?
  Evans: It was only a few perches.(5½ Yards = 1 Perch)
  Meldon: Was it opposite the door of McFarland’s?
  Evans: Yes - it was just opposite the door.


The final question in the case Evans v the Gormans came from Mr Meldon who asked Evans if had a witness to which he replied he did not.


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