Journal Volume 1 1992

Chairman's Report - Annual General Meeting, March 29th 1990 (continued/2)

In January, Mr. Joe Loughman entertained us with his famed slide show which drew a capacity crowd to the room in the Burnaby Hotel, and in February Stephen Casey gave an illustrated talk on Archaeology in the Calary area. For me the most satisfying event was the competition we organised for Primary School students in which we invited them to submit a project on any local sites. Seventy-two Children entered, the largest number of which attend St. Brigid's school. The judging of this Competition was very difficult indeed, but the clear winner was Pamela Butler who submitted a project on Kindlestown Castle. The entries for this project went on display during the month of December in the Greystones library.

A sum of money was given to us by an anonymous donor with which we bought the cup which is a perpetual trophy for the local Young Historian of the Year.

This event, which was our response to Local History Week, is arguably the most important contribution we have made towards raising the awareness of our archaeological and historical heritage and our liaison with the primary school teachers was highly productive towards furthering this aim.

The next big function we are hosting will be the Spring Seminar of the Federation of Local History Societies, which will be held on May 12.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of availability of a suitable premises, we are forced to transfer the venue from Greystones to the Royal Hotel in Bray, but this is a circumstance which is beyond our control. The theme for this Seminar will be the Emergency Years.

In conclusion I would like to thank all the members for their support over the last sixteen months and I would especially like to thank the officers of the Society - Sean Daly, Vice-Chairman, Ann Sheeran, Hon. Treasurer, and Aileen Short, Hon. Secretary, and the committee members, Jim Brennan, Ray Cranley, Joe Kearney and Joan Jones, who have worked so hard to make this Society a success, and Mr. Michael Toolan, our Hon. Auditor.

Thank you.

Patrick Neary, Chairman


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