Greystones and Its Images

 On the 22nd October 2015 Seamus (Jago) Hayden made a presentation to the Society on: Greystones: Picturing the Past by Examining Its Images. Much of the material in the presentation is captured in a paper in volume 8 of the Society’s journal. In turn, the latter was extracted from what follows below: the unedited findings of Seamus’s work on examining Victorian photographs of Greystones. The material is very much 'work in progress' which enables us to enjoy his informal thoughts, asides and memories.

Two papers can be downloaded by clicking on the images below. The Cúl of the Rock is a more detailed version of the paper published in volume 8 of the Society's journal. The Full List provides further analysis of the images examined by Seamus in his work in this area.


The Cul of the Rock Cover


The Full List Cover