Greystones: Its Buildings and History, Part 2

Greystones: Its Buildings and History, launched on 4 November 2013, continues the process of exploration of the local heritage. Produced by the La Touche Legacy Committee in association with the Greystones Archaeological & Historical Society, it is lavishly illustrated with over one hundred photographs of residential, commercial and other buildings, together with detailed notes on their architecture and history, and a number of essays focussed on significant locations and events in the town’s past. Contributors include Colin Love (architectural editor) and Pat Killilea (photography editor), as well as Sister Anna Power (‘The Holy Faith Sisters in Greystones’), Rosemary Raughter (‘The suffragettes and the Chief Secretary: an “amusing scene” on Greystones Pier’ and ‘A cause for general perturbation: the Greystones railway stoppage of June 1920’), Joseph Davy (‘Holidays in Greystones’), Sarah Murphy (‘St Patrick’s Church of Ireland’) and John Turpin (‘The interior of the Church of the Holy Rosary, Greystones’).

Greystones: Its Buildings and History, Part 2 costs €10 and is available at the Village Bookshop, Greystones.