Journal Volume 2 1995


This is the second publication of Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society and is made possible, firstly, by the generous sponsorship received from the La Touche Legacy Committee, and secondly, by our contributors who have made available to us free gratis the benefits of their research and scholarship so that we in turn can pass on to you some more information about this beautiful area of north County Wicklow in which we are privileged to live.

The Journal sub-committee hope you will read and enjoy this second issue, and that you may be encouraged to commit to paper whatever information you may have relating to Greystones and its environs. It is hoped that the Journal will have a wide circulation and be a financial success. This will enable us to produce the next issue for which we have already gathered enough material of interest to add to the published record of local history and archaeology.

A glance through the pages of the Journal will indicate the riches that lie in Greystones and its vicinity which we feel are worth recording in this modest publication to add to our knowledge of the area.

Finally, I would like to thank the members of the Committee of Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society for their dedication over the past seven years of the Society's existence: Pat Brennan, Edith Cairns, Sean Daly, Joan Jones, Patrick Nearly, Aileen Short and Ann Sheerin. A special word of thanks is due to Joe Hayes, retired County Librarian (and our Honorary Auditor) and his staff for their endless patience and helpfulness towards researchers and anyone-looking for information in this area.

Jim Brennan – Chairman
Greystones Archaeological & Historical Society


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