Journal Volume 3 2000

They Answered the Call (continued/5)

On Thursday, 18 January, 1940, the AGM of the Greystones Branch of the St. John Ambulance Society was held in the Grand (now called La Touche) Hotel, chaired by Dr. G. P.G. Beckett at which the attendance included -


Mr. A.L. Agnew

Hon. Secretary

Mr. R.G.C.Oulton

Hon. Treasurer

Miss Jeffreys

Secretary of Women's Section

Miss Povis

District Officer of the Society

Mr. Padgett Haffield

District Officer of the Society

and the following members -

Mrs G.F. Beckett

Mrs R. Huet

Mrs R. Agnew

Mr V. Hamilton

Mr N. Oulton

Mrs B. G. Cashel

Miss R. Long

Mr W. Beare

Mrs V. C. McVettie

Miss F. Hinde

Mrs C. V. Meldon

Mrs E. MacGrath

Mr E. Archer

Mrs R. Freeman

Mrs I. Magner

Mrs Scully

Miss Walker

Mr R. Huet


The meeting began with a special presentation to Miss Leslie Le Toler and Master Derek Ferris inIrish Red Cross Nurses ( appreciation and recognition of their work at Irish Red Cross Society first aid classes where they acted as 'patients'. The Irish Red Cross Society had been established by law in December 1938, with the organisation holding its first meeting in July 1939, though the Greystones branch of the organisation was not formed until July 1940 following the creation of the Co. Wicklow branch of the Society, which was an essential requirement before local branches could be formed, and it is likely that the Irish Red Cross Society ran its own first aid classes in the Greystones area sometime in the latter half of 1939.

At the inaugural meeting of the Irish Red Cross Society in September 1939, 2 members of the St. John Ambulance Brigade were appointed as members of the Executive Committee. Instructors of the St. John Ambulance Brigade were placed at the disposal of the Irish Red Cross Society to assist with the training of their personnel, and this spirit of co-operation in the Greystones area was demonstrated by the local branch of the St. John Ambulance Brigade providing 2 members who were prepared to undertake the role of patients at the Irish Red Cross Society’s first classes.

The presentation of special gifts to Miss Le Toler and Master Ferris was made by Mrs. Beckett.


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