Journal Volume 3 2000


Just a little quiz, to get your juices flowing. Some local questions and some are not so local but we know you like them. For answers float your mouse over the questions. Good Luck!

1. Where is

(a) Jink's Hill

(b) Pigs Hollow

2. Who designed Greystones Railway Station and what was the builder's name?

3. Who paid for the library to be built and in what year?

4. Who or what was Pennycooks ?

5. Where was the bon bouche?

6. Where in Greystones would you find original cobblestones?

7. Of what benefit were Sarah Tancred and Richard Brown to Greystones?

8. St. Crispin is the patron saint of what?

9. Which Bavarian artist was responsible for the statute of St. Kilian at Blacklion Church?

10. Which three local golfers have gained Ryder Cup status?

11. The Earl of Meath lives in Kilruddery. What does Kilruddery mean?

12. What building in Greystones has a number of impressions of the Union Jack incorporated in its structure?

13. Where is the Motte stone?

14. A Greystones man was the first chief scout of the Catholic Boy Scouts of Ireland. Who was he?

15. Captain Halpin of Wicklow Town was famous for what?

16. What did Mr. H Mcllhenny of Philadelphia give to the Irish nation in 1981?

17. Over the gate of which Irish town was written Turk, Jew, Heathen, atheist, all may enter here except a papist"?

18. Whose head was blown off at the battle of Aughirm?

19. In 1692 the groom was Hopton Scott who was the bride?

20. Name two Viking towns in County Wicklow?


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