Journal Volume 6 2010

Chairperson's Introduction

Once again the Greystones Archaeological and Historical Society is happy to present its journal. The current journal, for which we thank Frank Deignan, is now three times larger than our first one. Its quality reflects his efforts and those of the contributors to whom we are very grateful.

The activities of our society include lectures, tours, visits to museums, historical sites and buildings, and, lately, musical evenings. We have had many enjoyable and informative lectures given to us by presenters who are enthusiastic and meticulous in their research. In recent years some of these talks have been given by members of our own society: Rosemary Raughter, Brendan McCann, John Caffrey and Canon Jennings.

A recent new experience for our society was our participation in the Shoreline Expo in the Greystones Community Centre. The exhibition stand we presented made a much wider audience aware of our activities and received many favourable comments.

Many thanks are due to our committee for their time and valuable input. Also Aileen Short for the tremendous effort in organising the events mentioned and to Joan Jones who keeps our finances in order.


Christy O'Connor – Chairperson

Greystones Archaeological & Historical Society


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