Talks and Visits, 2009 - 2008

Below is a list of activities organised by the Greystones Archaeological & Historical Society in 2009 and 2008.


Talks and Visits, 2009

15th January 2009

Talk by John Caffrey entitled: ‘Lt General Sir William Francis Butler   (1838 – 1910)’

26th February 2009

Talk by Christiaan Corlett entitled: ‘The Archaeology of Poulaphouca’

19th March 2009

Talk by James Scannell entitled: ‘A Greystones Miscellany’

6th April 2009

Lakelands Tour including visits to the Arigna Mine Experience, Famine   Graveyard, Workhouse, St George’s Church of Ireland and Shannon Pot

9th May 2009

Visit to Dublin to see the National Library and Collins Barracks Museum

14th June 2009

Visit to County Carlow to see Duckett’s Grove and its walled gardens and Huntington Castle and gardens

19th July 2009

Visit to Dublin to see the Jewish Museum, Garda Museum and Freemason’s Museum

23rd August 2009

Guided tour, by Reverend Canon Robert Jennings, of Christian sites   and churches in the Newcastle area

27th August 2009

Jim Brennan Memorial Lecture, given by Patrick Bowe, entitled:   ‘History of Gardening in Ireland’

4th October 2009

Talk by Christiaan Corlett entitled: ‘Urban and Rural Housing in 19th and 20th Century Ireland’

12th November 2009

Talk by Rosemary Raughter entitled: ‘Wild, Ideal, Romantic and Absurd   – Lady Arbella Denny and Dublin’s First Magdalen Asylum’

14th December 2009

Visit to the National Concert Hall to hear Christmas Musical Celebration


Talks and Visits, 2008

17th January 2008

Talk by Brendan McCann on '42 Years Under Military Rule'

21st February 2008

Talk by Christiaan Corlett entitled: ‘A Pictorial Account of the Slums of Dublin (1913)’

18th March 2008

Trip to Armagh/Down taking in Newry, Eamhan Macha Visitor’s Centre, St Patrick’s Trian, Mount Stewart House and Gardens, and Stormont

1st May 2008

Talk by Ursula Lee entitled: ‘Grafton Street in the 1940s and 1950s’

18th May 2008

Tour, led by Laili De Buitleir, of Delgany graveyard and of Delgany village

8th June 2008

Visit to Old Mellifont Abbey in County Louth and the prehistoric remains in Knowth in County Meathspan

13th July 2008

Visit to Dublin to see the Botanic Gardens and the Casino in Marino

18th September 2008

Jim Brennan memorial lecture, given by Dr Marie Breathnach, entitled:   ‘The History of Irish Music’, with music provided by Cormac Breathnach

13th November 2008

Talk by Bryan McMahon entitled: ‘The Monica Roberts Collection of   Letters from the Western Front, 1914 – 1918’