Journal Volume 1 1992

Chairman's Report - Annual General Meeting, March 29th 1990 (continued/1)

It is with our third objective that I feel we have achieved most success. This is to actively promote interest in, and an awareness of, our archaeological/historical heritage and to liaise with all relevant representative groups to further this aim. This we have done by organising walks, tours, lectures and the Primary Students' Competition.

Our first event was a field trip to Kindlestown Hillfort which was held on the Wednesday after Christmas, 1988. Approximately 30 people attended this Walk, at which Mr. Richard Pilkington gave us the benefit of his extensive knowledge regarding this type of monument.

In March, more than forty people took part in the walk down to the ruined church at Ballynerrin and the remains of Ballygannon estate.

On 1 April we went on a coach trip to Glendalough and Glenmalure. The weather was wet and misty, which obscured the spectacular views, but nevertheless most of those who came enjoyed themselves.

For Archaeology Weekend in May we repeated the walk in Greystones of the previous September and visited Ballyremon Commons and the Downs Village. Mr. Michael Toolan and Mr. Stephen Casey interpreted the sites for us on Ballyremon. Again both events were well supported and the weather was kind.

In July we went on a coach tour to the National Heritage Park at Ferrycarrig outside Wexford and, on the return journey, visited the Museum in Enniscorthy and went up to the top of Vinegar Hill. Our last field outing was to the historic village of Newcastle and over fifty people attended this walk which was led by the Rev. Jennings.

In the Spring Mr. Pilkington presented an illustrated lecture entitled:- Archaeology in Ireland since the arrival of man. This was an excellent introductory lecture for our members and helped to put a lot of information into a more understandable context for us.

In October we had a lecture and slide show from Judith Flannery entitled "The History of Delgany". Here we saw on slide some very familiar places and learned some more about our local history.

The November lecture was given by Mairead Dunleavy on Historic Costume, again accompanied by an excellent slide show.

Mr. Brian Cantwell delivered the December lecture, again illustrated, on the Memorial Inscriptions in Co. Wicklow. Mr. Cantwell has researched and published his findings on this fascinating subject and the books can be referred to in the Library.


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