Journal Volume 1 1992

My Townland: Its History and Archaeology (continued/7)

Wicklow County Library Greystones
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  3. Census of Ireland, Statistical Survey 1981.
  4. (Eugene O'Curry) Rev. Michael Flanagan: Ordnance Survey Letters: containing information relative to the antiquities of Co. Wicklow, 1928.
National Archives of Ireland, Dublin
  1. Reports on Census of Ireland 1821,1861: Census of Ireland Returns for Kindlestown Townlands, Upper and Lower, 1901,1911.
  1. Liam Price: Place Names of Co. Wicklow 1945-67.
  2. Rev. G.D. Scott: The Stones of Bray, 1922.
  3. S.A. French: Greystones 1864 – 1964.
  4. Judith Flannery: The Story of Delgany, 1990.
  5. Donal F. Begley (Editor): Irish Genealogy, a Record Finder.
  6. G. O'Sullivan: Notes on Local History in the Greystones Area, St. Kevin's School N.S. 1989.
  7. Notes on: A Walk in Greystones, September 1991.


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